Community Visioning | Parents

What: Input Session #2
Who: Parents
Where: Mercer Island Community and Events Center
When: May 23, 2018

Many parents came out to take part in the second input session. It was an amazing group with lots of thoughtful comments that will undoubtedly help MICA move forward.

These thoughtful parents described the creative energy on the island as polarizing, lacking, and “resume-based,” where kids are encouraged to pad their college resumes with art stuff, and once that’s checked off, they abandon the activity. Aside from the obvious need for a theatre space (as stated by the group), they spoke at length about the desire for a central place where art resources could meld together.  Finally, they also talked about giving teenagers a place to go, given the fact not much else happens on the island.

Parents had a lot to say and here are a few key quotes that come out of the discussion.

“We need more to do on the island besides grilling and drinking. I’ve had enough of that.”
“There should be more than one reason to stay downtown. Where you can run into people and make connections.”
“The community center was supposed to be for gathering, but it’s too boxed in and purpose driven.”
“Who’s in the charge of the programming? It should be community-based.”
“MICA could be a place where you drop the homework for a night and do a family thing.”
“Art is the great equalizer for us all.”

Input sessions to come: business owners, City of Mercer Island. Keep up on the dialogue by regularly visiting our website.

Everybody’s input is important! Please register and take part in our large visioning session on June 11 from 7-9:00pm at the Mercer Island Boys and Girls Club. Visit or email or call 206-715-7671.

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