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Community Visioning | Seniors

What: Input Session #4 Who: Seniors Where: Mercer Island Community and Events Center When: May 30, 2018 We continue to get a wide range of people at our community input sessions. The senior session was no different. Many respondents talked about a central place being essential to create “synergy” on the island for the arts. […]

Community Visioning | Students

Third in our installment of input sessions was the student group. These students made up a nice cross-section of the arts on Mercer Island: band, orchestra, YTN, drama, and visual art. But, also many of these students take part in sports and other outside organizations like the Boy Scouts.


Community Visioning Begins!

The first of our small input sessions began on Tuesday, May 15th. MICA is excited that so many arts groups and individual artists decided to take part in the session. These sessions are led and moderated by our partner Phinney Bischoff.

Community Visioning Session

Throughout the months of May, June, and July MICA will be holding various large and small community gatherings. We want to hear what you would like to see in a space for the arts on Mercer Island. The first large community visioning session will be similar to a town hall. But unlike traditional town hall […]

A Journey of Discovery

Mercer Island Center for the Arts embarks on a journey to listen and discover what the MI community would like in a new space for the arts on the Island. Since MICA’s reintroduction on February 6th at the City Council meeting, they have been planning and preparing for the ensuing year.

Outgoing YTN senior – Annika Evens

Hopefully you were able to catch the outrageously funny performance of YTN’s 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. I was fortunate enough to attend the final performance and was even selected to be a part of the Spelling Bee on stage with four other audience members. Unfortunately I was the first to go, of course […]

‘The Process’ with artist Louise Hankes

Mercer Island has so many artists here on the island. My colleagues and I were quick to meet Louise and were curious about her art that she lovingly calls Whirlism. We learned a lot from this conversation about her background and the process of Whirlism.     Whirlism with Louise Hankes We’re live with MI […]