Community Visioning Report

Over the last six months, we have listened to the community. We began by trying to understand what the residents of Mercer Island want—and don’t want—in a new Mercer Island Center for the Arts. What ensued was unexpected—a months-long conversation of clarity, depth, and resonance. A conversation that revealed what you think about the broader significance of art and culture on the island. One that spoke to how you value community, connection, and pride of place. And one that provokes questions about Mercer Island’s identity and its future.

Every effort was made to communicate our intentions to the entire community and reach a cross-section of Islanders. We heard from over 200+ Islanders in person; nearly 1,000 people online; and over 500 people, and growing, have signed MICA’s Statement of Support. The report that follows from our community listening partner, Phinney Bischoff, is written to you, the MI Community, and tells the full story of what you told us over these past months. As always, we invite questions and are happy to meet face-to-face to speak about any issue pertaining to a space for the arts on Mercer Island.

Thank you, Mercer Island, for coming out so strongly and telling us your hopes, passions, concerns, and dreams for the Arts!

The MICA Board & Staff – Prady Misra, Genevieve Morton, Virl Hill, Elliot Newman, Xixi Shakes, John G Hill, Michelle Peyree, James Rudolf, Bruce Lorig, Sharon Perez, Paul Shoemaker

View or download the MICA Community Visioning Dialogue Findings Report PDF.