Community Visioning Report session

During this session Executive Director, Paul Shoemaker; Director of Strategic Relationships, Sharon Perez; and project leads from Phinney Bischoff will talk through, in detail, the findings from the Community Visioning Dialogue. The team will be taking questions. This event is open to the public but MICA requests you click here and register

Message from the Executive Director

I hope to communicate more throughout the year with the MI Community via my ED's blog. Please connect with me if you have questions or concerns.

Statement of Support

There is a great new opportunity for arts & culture for all generations on Mercer Island! Let your neighbors and the MI City Council know you support MICA & YTN at the Tully's location and lend your name to the Statement of Support. *Please…

What's Next - Q&A with Sharon Perez

Sharon Perez sits down with Arts Advocate, Keith Imper, to talk about what's been going on with MICA and what to look out for.
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