We want to hear from YOU about the Arts on MI for 2021!

2020 was an indelible year for all of us. We were severely limited in ways we could connect and engage with you because of the pandemic, which has disrupted many things that would have happened. We are exploring several new offerings to keep you informed about assorted arts events and activities on the Island and the progress of Mercer Island Center for the Arts (MICA). We want to hear from YOU —

It’ll just take a few minutes – http://bit.ly/2NXvPwg

This survey is a way for us to know how we can better communicate and connect with you despite Covid-19. Please take a few minutes to answer the questions. We value your input and feedback. Please also take a few minutes and share your feedback and opinion on how we can better serve you. We appreciate your participation!

Sincerely –
Prady Misra, Genevieve Morton, John Gordon Hill, Michelle Peyree, Xixi Shakes, James Rudolf, Elliott Newman, Virl Hill, Bruce Lorig (posthumously), and Paul Shoemaker 

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