MICA Story: Creating a Place for the Arts on MI

MICA believes in the power of the arts and its ability to transform lives. Shared experience and exploration of the arts will help unite Mercer Island, creating a more culturally connected and vital community. MICA will help to shape the artistic and civic fabric of the Island with meaningful collaborations, embrace creativity in all its forms, and contribute to a vibrant town center.


A place where all islanders are continually engaged. We envision MICA as a community resource that provides residents with an ongoing array of inspiring opportunities around the clock.

Imagine, on a Monday evening: a group of nine- and 10-year- olds are just learning the words to “So Long, Farewell,” from The Sound of Music. Over in the main hall, the room is being arranged for a discussion with New York Times columnist Timothy Egan.

Imagine, on a Thursday afternoon: parents are catching up with each other over coffee in the Center Cafe while their children take a class on journaling. In a nearby meeting room, the Mercer Island Visual Arts League is planning an upcoming lesson in copper work by a guest artist.

Imagine, on a Saturday morning: Mercer Island Music teacher Connie Wible is giving a piano lesson to one of her students with Asperger’s Syndrome. Meanwhile, retirees discuss How To Cook Everything at a monthly book club, while sounds from the Russian Chamber Music Foundation waft down the hall.

Engaging Islanders of all ages and interests brings more inspiration to our community.

If you have any questions concerning MICA, what we do, organizations that we partner with and more you can visit our FAQ page or email askMICA@mercerislandarts.org.