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Mercer Island business owners were the next group at a community input session.  This group stressed the desire for a “vibrant town center.”

These residents agree that an arts center will bring in new types of commerce that could shape the ecosystem of the island, and hope that it could redefine existing perceptions of Mercer Island as a place only for the wealthy. Many believe that in addition to scheduled performances, an arts center on Mercer Island should be a place that people could flow in and out of during the day. The biggest takeaway from this session is that an arts center of this scale must belong first and foremost to the community.
Some key quotes from this group:
“Something like this could transform our reputation as a bedroom community into a destination.”
“Mercer Island is recognized for so much–schools, most livable place–the culture piece is missing from the triangle.”
“I can’t imagine this not being a win.”
“I want a reason to stay here.”
“I reel a good rumbling happening around downtown.”
Several community small-group input sessions to come!
Everyone’s input is important! Our next larger community visioning dialogue will be towards the end of July, date and time still to be decided. For more information, please visit https://www.mercerislandarts.org/ or email: info@mercerislandarts.org or call: (206) 715-7671.
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