The City and MICA to explore all options for community arts center

The City of Mercer Island has requested that Mercer Island Center for the Arts (MICA) consider delaying the upcoming public hearing and the accompanying legislative review process regarding an arts center proposed in the northwest corner of Mercerdale Park.

The MICA board of directors met at their monthly meeting and agreed to accept the city’s request to pause the current process. As a result, the October 18th public hearing in front of the Planning Commission has been canceled. MICA believes that this “pause” is a positive approach to advancing the project. It will also allow the City and MICA to explore alternative sites for a proposed arts center and discuss options for a partnership that can meet multiple City and community needs.

The City of Mercer Island and Mercer Island Center for the Arts share the belief that the creation of an arts center on Mercer Island will add numerous quality of life benefits to our community. We look forward to a mutually beneficial working relationship as we move through this process.

For more information on Mercer Island Center for the Arts please visit the city’s website at or


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