Community Visioning Dialogue

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” -Vincent Van Gogh

MICA reintroduces the project to Mercer Island in an effort to create a central space that brings together arts and community.  We continue to build on what we have already learned and have important new updates to share as we blaze a new path.  These updates consist of:

  • Expanded leadership of board and staff
  • A stronger relationship with the City
  • A community visioning dialogue, starting Spring 2018
  • Openness to alternative sites and designs

We are excited to begin our Community Visioning Dialogue with the Mercer Island Community. As we move through this process we will have a series of events that consists of individual interviews, large group visioning sessions, small group input sessions, and an island wide survey. MICA is eager to listen to the island and find out what you, as a community, would like in a community arts center.


  • Purpose of the Center
  • Who should it serve and why
  • What it will take to inspire confidence and support
  • Desired programming and facility needs
  • Scale and reach of the project

The process should last through the end of July to beginning August. Our first large group visioning session will be on Monday, June 11th. We will have bi-weekly updates on this process. Please visit the MICA website periodically to receive the latest news.

Register for the June 11th visioning session by clicking here. It will be held at the Mercer Island Boys and Girls Club from 7-8:30pm.

MICA wants your voice heard. If you have any questions contact the MICA office by calling  206-715-7671 or email at