Visioning Report Snapshot: Concerns

In our second Community Visioning Report snapshot we look at the ‘Concerns’ that Islanders have for a new space for the arts. MICA has been a hot-button topic for years. Though there is overwhelming support for the project, we want to manage our neighbors concerns, head-on. We are proactively dealing with each as we look to the future. Some of these concerns will take some time to figure out as a new site becomes clear. But these issues are on the front of mind for both staff and board.

  • Location (park/no park) [Tully’s is number one]
  • Cost & sustainability (public/private funds)
  • Size & scope (too big/too small)
  • Parking & access (central/further located)
  • A clear purpose (why it exists and who it serves)
  • Competing facilities (in Seattle and other neighboring areas)
  • Political will (among city leaders, MICA leaders, and citizens)

If anything from the above list is one of your concerns, or maybe it’s not on the list, and you were not able to have your voice heard, please email Executive Director, Paul Shoemaker Even though the process of the Community Visioning has ended, we still want your thoughts.

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