Will the hedge of trees in front of the recycling center be removed and/or replaced when MICA is built?


The hedge along the path was planted to screen the recycling center activities. It has grown large, is unattractively sheared along the edge of the path to allow people to use the path, and does not appear to be in good health. These plants will be replaced with trees along the edge of the building. The new trees will include both deciduous and evergreen trees to create a wooded setting for the building.

MICA’s environmental consultants, The Watershed Company, assessed the impact of the proposed project on trees.

The proposed MICA site plan calls for the removal of 54 conifers and 58 deciduous trees. The deciduous population being removed consisted mostly of “weedy” trees; the coniferous population being removed consists of western red cedars and Douglas firs, nearly all of which currently have been determined to be dead or in severe condition. The proposed mitigation plan specifies 74 trees to be planted within the wetland buffer, including 60 conifers and 14 deciduous trees, which would meet replacement requirements defined in MICC 19.10.060. This includes full replacement of all conifers to be removed and partial replacement of the “weedy” deciduous species to be removed. The plan also specifies soil amendments designed to improve the health of both the proposed new trees and remaining trees on the site.