Why do we need an arts center on MI if we have all the neighboring centers?

  • To serve the MI community!  MI families, kids, and adults. MICA aims to provide performance and practice spaces and necessary services to our unique and long-standing arts organizations, artists and our community members. Art Centers outside of MI don’t build our community, and many MI residents want to have all the services and benefits on the Island.
  • Many communities have an arts center like they do schools, parks, etc. If you think of an AC as just performances, you miss the larger mission of how an arts center meets multiple needs in a community.  MI has specific needs that are not being met.  A dedicated space for the arts, a place to come together as a community, and an incubator for artists, students, businesses, and a vibrant town center.  
  • On Mercer Island itself, there isn’t a facility of sufficient performance quality, as it is, to host high-quality performers, speakers, talks, etc.