Moving the Coval Roof

Coval Pool House RoofNickel Bros., specialists in moving houses, has moved the 50,000 pound roof of the Coval Pool House for reuse in the lobby of the Mercer Island Center for the Arts.

The roof was built of specially milled African bubinga wood in the Japanese truss style known as Shinzuka.

This remarkable piece of art and craft has been saved through the efforts of Wes Giesbrecht, developer of the property. Giesbrecht is giving the structure to MICA to be the centerpiece of the grand public lobby.

Coval Pool House Roof MoveContractor Foushee and Associates researched the engineering and construction of the roof and their carpenters carefully removed the walls and windows of the pool house to provide access to the movers.

The roof was meticulously cut free and supported on steel I-beams. It was jacked up, placed on sliders, and slowly moved out from the structure.

Coval Pool House RoofFinally, the roof was gradually lowered to ground level by jacking and removing cribbing. Wheels were attached, and the 70 foot by 28 foot structure was moved to the position where it will be weatherproofed. 

MICA is scheduled for opening in early 2018.