MICA Is For Everyone

By Connie Wible, one of MICA's future resident artists

I have lived on Mercer Island just above Mercerdale Park since 1988 and raised my 4 children here. The park and the trails above were a second home to me and my children.  

I have taught piano lessons on the Island all these years, and I have seen in my own studio that music not only enriches the lives of musicians and their audiences, but it also powerfully enables communication and cognitive growth.  MICA will be the place where I can share what I have learned with the community.

In the Music Technology Room MICA has designed with my help, I will be able to bring about, for the first time, a daytime program for seniors, including those with memory impairment, for which I have been training for the past 10 years. This MICA classroom will also be the home for Piano Keys to Autism, the keyboard methodology I developed and use with my Autism Spectrum students, many of whom are highly talented.  

In addition, it will be a place of Music Wellness classes for adults.  And of course MICA will be a welcome recital venue for piano students and professional musicians alike.

MICA will be a place where we can brainstorm, collaborate, and invent musical and other artistic activities for our community in the scale that is just right for this beloved park as it now stands, taking a space that has outlived its purpose and using it for community good.