Thank you to everyone who came out to support MICA at the Mercer Island City Council meeting on Monday November 16! The room was packed with interested citizens, significantly in support of the project. Many who could not attend have asked about the meeting.

Kari Sand, the Mercer Island City Attorney, drafted a brief that lays out the key terms and provisions in the proposed lease between MICA and the City, including a long list of conditions MICA must meet before construction can begin and a list of benefits that the City and community will receive from MICA. We encourage everyone to read this (it’s really brief!) – it summarizes the draft lease as it now stands. The brief notes that issues related to wetlands, parking, and zoning are to be fully addressed before the building permit will be issued. (A link to the City Attorney’s brief is provided below.)

We are confident and committed to finding solid solutions to each of these issues. These are not unusual for major building projects and are certainly not insurmountable. Both MICA and the City have professionals working to best understand the conditions and options, and experts are available and ready to help solve each of these complicated issues.

In its meeting last Monday, the City Council discussed the proposed lease but did not take action. While the lease alone doesn’t guarantee we can build, without it the necessary next steps, i.e. exploring solutions for wetlands, parking etc. cannot be realistically taken. We are hopeful that the City Council will be able to take this necessary next step of approving the lease at their December 7 meeting, to allow us to move forward. Your support in assuring they hear your enthusiastic voices in support of MICA remains critical. We ask you to reach out to all the members of the City Council, asking them to add MICA to the December 7 agenda and to move forward with the lease. Email the City Council at council@mercergov.org.

Let’s be LOUD for MICA!

Click here for the Council Meetings webpage; click on 11/16 meeting agenda, packet, or video to see all the material presented and discussed, including the City Attorney’s lease summary and the draft lease; the MICA lease is Item 6 on the agenda, and the MICA information starts at page 68.

We continue to update our website with new information as it is available. Please review the FAQ on MICA website http://www.mercerislandarts.org/faq for information about the timeline, previous City Council action, site selection, footprint etc. Additionally you can email any specific questions to askmica@mercerislandarts.org.