Where will MICA be located?


The Arts Center will be located at the northwest corner of Mercerdale Park, near the intersection of 77th Avenue SE and SE 32nd street, on the site of the abandoned recycling center. The site includes a concrete plaza and flagpole (Bicentennial Park), the recycle storage building, public bathrooms, sinks and storage for the Farmers Market, asphalt paving and an unmaintained wooded area which is currently in poor health.  

It was and is agreed by MICA and the City that the MICA building will not infringe upon any current use of Mercerdale Park. The western slope, with its trails and stairway, will remain wooded and intact. The walkway around the great lawn of the park will remain in place, as will the lawn itself, the pergola, the children’s play area and the skateboard park. The wooded area between the skateboard park and MICA will be smaller because of the project, and MICA has undertaken to work with the City to re-landscape and turn this area into a space all Islanders can enjoy.

Map of Mercerdale Park showing MICA's footprint in yellow: