What is a Memo of Understanding and how does it impact MICA?


On February 22nd City Council with 6 to 1 vote approved a plan of action (Memorandum of Understanding, or MOU) which represents an important step forward for MICA. This plan of action memorializes the intention on both sides to enter into a lease agreement for MICA at Mercerdale. With this vote, the City Council has demonstrated goodwill and intention to enter into a lease for MICA at Mercerdale after the completion of SEPA (State Environmental Policy Act) review. A recent Seattle court ruling requires that a SEPA review be completed prior to entering into the lease. The Seattle case, related to the building of the SoDo sports entertainment complex, held that a governmental agency could not enter into a lease agreement prior to completion of the environmental review.  Once that review is completed, the lease will be brought back to council for review and final action.

Per the Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”), dated February 22, 2016, between MICA and the City, the full SEPA review and any related appeals must be concluded prior to the City Council’s consideration of approval of the Lease Agreement.