MICA, a cherished jewel for our community

By Bernel Goldberg, Islander and MICA Board Member

I've been fortunate to live in many amazing places, but when I moved to Mercer Island a dozen years ago, I fell in love and never want to leave. I found home! A neat developed downtown, and pretty much the rest is almost rural -- no sidewalks or streetlights. I commute into Seattle for work a couple times a week, but otherwise I'm in heaven working out of my home office, helping the kids get to the middle school and high school and football, and raising our ducks and chickens in our backyard. I care deeply about this place, and I want to preserve its magic.

When I was asked to serve on the board of MICA, I resisted -- not another board! But MICA persisted. So I asked to observe a board meeting. I expected Board members to be, well, a bunch of wealthy entitled types, and I'd have an easy time saying no. No such luck! I came away hugely impressed that this group of local citizens care so deeply about their community and its future. I was stunned by the detailed and in-depth research and investigation that went into each decision concerning the facility or programming. 

So I said yes and have now attended several more board meetings. I continue to be humbled by the intensity these caring neighbors bring to the table. The progress made in the brief history of this project is astonishing. The best experts and consultants have been used every step of the way. The design of the building is simple, efficient and elegant, wringing the most programming space for the least cost. Mercerdale Park is not only protected, but I think will also be exponentially improved when MICA is built. The building will provide a wonderful community meeting place at the edge of downtown, and I look forward to attending events, concerts and plays, and meeting friends there. People from all age groups and interests will find something exciting at MICA. 

There are a couple of voices of opposition to the project. I love America and its freedoms that permit all voices to be heard. I heard the concerns, and I checked out the facts myself before making my decision to join this effort. I encourage you to do the same. MICA will be a cherished jewel for this wonderful community of ours, and I urge every Islander to support it in every way possible.